Traffic Safety and Support

iTrack is more than GPS monitoring

Application development is closely following customer requirements and market circumstances. We know that commercial fleet operators are constantly looking for ways to improve their control over them, a target of prime importance is the safety of drivers and vehicles. Statistics in the recent years show that over 70% of all road accidents are caused by human factors. Driving behavior plays a key role in the implementing and maintaining of some road safety standards.

iTrack offers its customers one of the few on the market safety solutions and traffic support for the driver and vehicle, based on the management of the driver’s behavior. Knowing how the supervised drivers behave in traffic, the fleet manager can identify the potential for hazards to which they are exposed . With outstanding capabilities of the GPS equipment (processing data and generating scoring sites and statistics in real time), the fleet manager can intervene in time to prevent possible accidents. Moreover, it can provide a continuous cycle of prevention by initiating and developing programs, education and training activities with a definite positive outcome – increasing the overall safety score of the fleet. Risky behaviors can thus be fined and removed by setting and improving on the long term , the correct style of driving.

The application generates statistics and analysis based on carefully selected and consistently applied principles. Based on these profiles are defined and monitored drivers profiles, used both for their classification into risk categories but also to highlight the trend of development of the fleet safety score.

An appropriate driving style can cause substantial fuel economy in addition to an increase in the lifetime of auto parts with up to 60%. But there is more about iTrack: calculates continuously, besides the safety scoring, an efficient scoring of the driving, analyzing through performant algorithms the economy and ecological component of the journeys made (considering the relevant issues such as fuel consumption, wear parts, CO2 emissions, etc.). It thus stimulates an economic poise and environmentally friendly.

It is extraordinary that the equipment can provide feedback in real time, smart cautioning the driver about the risk or inefficiency  range in which he is located. The fleet manager can rely on a competent and effective assistant.

With iTrack traffic safety and support are strong elements of effective management of the mobile resources of the organization.

 iTrack is with you wherever you are!