Modularity features

Reducing costs and increasing efficiency of fleet activity may require different solutions, depending on the activity and specificity of each company. The iTrack solution offers customized consulting and training, allowing the customization of the application by configuring the optimal solution for each client.

The potential for customization is best illustrated by the main features of the iTrack:

  • Automatic localization: real time visualization of the position, speed and direction of movement of any monitored vehicle, view of the trail, viewing the historical position
  • Proximity: finding the nearest  N vehicle towards a specific address or point of interest.
  • POI: defining points and areas of interest
  • Interactive Map: view street level detail, points of interest and topographic information, enables optimal routes for user-defined locations
  • Alert: Notifications in real time – speeding, engine start after a certain hour, entry / exit point of interest or prolonged stop in an area, sensors events, auxiliary equipment parameters, etc.
  • Monitoring the level of fuel and the consumption: reading board computer data, flow measurement, level measurement
  • Engine Operating mode: measuring operating parameters of the engine
  • Advanced Reporting: Professional interactive reports and in-depth analysis – road map, routes, private tracks, parking, fuel consumption, speeding, driver behavior, activity of the agent etc.., sending scheduled email
  • Safety and Support in traffic: Driver`s driving style analysis – scoring safety and economy; driver`s behavior management – intelligent warnings (coaching), education and training, prevention
  • Dispatch: bidirectional communication with the driver directly from the application – sending navigation instructions, daily route, route state, replanning route, estimated time of arrival, notifications
  • iTrack mobile: management from anywhere – no need to be in the office to monitor fleet, you can do that from almost anywhere you are
  • Resource Management: vehicles, drivers, assignments, groups, users, application roles, working hours etc.
  • Fleet maintenance operations: warning expiry of documents (Auto & ITP, etc.) fuel feeds, expenses records, inventory etc.
  • Working Hours: Flexible clocking, separation of using the vehicle for business use of personal interest
  • Routing: defining, monitoring condition and visualizing prescribed routes, sales and distribution route optimization (through managing POIs on the interactive map)
  • Driver Identification: can make the engine start by the valid authentication of the driver, automatic driver assignment
  • Monitoring sensors: doors, loading, loading space temperature
  • Control of equipment: Auxiliary system monitoring , tilting, cooling aggregate , stationary heating etc.
  • Possibility of car restraint
  • Export information made ​​available in the application in public type of files (csv, txt, pdf)
  • Integration with other existing applications, at the client

iTrack can be purchased modularly, the functionalities offered being directly related to customer requirements. Later you can move to another package appropriate to the size and needs of the fleet.

iTrack provides a complete scalable solution for an effective management of the fleet, bringing tangible benefits to both you and your customers.