An important element of mobile resource management is the ability to keep in touch with them in a dynamic way.

Unexpected events (delays, misunderstandings, change of requests, runtime errors, inconsistent attitudes of staff) threatens the goals. This requires ability to quickly identify the causes of the encountered problems, coupled with the possibility of a rapid and effective intervention that leads to the normalization of the situation.

Active management of fleet activity solution offers a comprehensive monitoring tool and a two-way communication. This thing allows monitoring the movements while interacting with the user of the vehicle. This may receive orders, routes and transmit, in turn, messages and acknowledgments.

Basically, through these features the dispatching activity can be achieved. The dispatcher can assign tasks with maximum efficiency, quickly identifying vehicles with the most convenient placement in relation to a target. Can follow the task, being warned in time, through alerts of the occurrence of undesirable events (deviations from the route, delays, etc). And he can intervene immediately, adapting the work tasks to the new circumstances.