You can`t manage the resources that you can`t control!

Today, the main challenges for every company to become and remain competitive, are:

  • Accurate and real-time information about the daily activity of company personnel
  • Maximizing customer satisfaction
  • Increasing profit
  • Protecting the environment


The iTrack solution was developed to meet these objectives in terms of the mobile resources` activities, particularly fleet, providing a modern and reliable GPS vehicle monitoring and advanced fleet management.

iTrack is much more than a simple GPS tracking software or fleet management. iTrack implementation involves providing essential data at any time for an advanced fleet management: car position, speed, presence in predefined areas, alarm conditions, routes traveled, fuel consumption, warnings regarding maintenance activities, monitoring routes, indicators of safety and efficiency of the management, support in traffic and much more.

Basically, iTrack invites to the reinvention of the way of managing the fleet:

  • Visualize the live current position of the vehicle and have access to a complex  informative panel of  the status  and displacements at the date and hour of viewing.
  • Analyze data obtained from monitoring by filtering, aggregating and using the information in reports and complex actions:  summaries, records, warnings, statistics, training, support, assistance, control.
  • Optimize the activity by redesigning or creating routes and workflows with an immediate impact in growing the effectiveness and productivity.
  • Customize the manner of use by configuring the reporting dashboards and analytics solutions (consumption, driver behavior, fleet trends) by needs and interests.


iTrack is built modular, so it can be adapted to the momentary requirements of the organization’s activities, with the possibility of adding further functionalities required by the development or future changes. We look very carefully at the relationship with our customers (pre-sale, sale, contracting, installation, training, warranty and post-warranty support), managed in a CRM type software application.

If you have studied or used similar solutions, you probably think that they are all the same. With iTrack you will notice the difference:

  • we offer personalized training and ongoing support to ensure that you get the best return on your investment;
  • we know that we must adapt to your business needs and provide the necessary tools for integration with other management systems;
  • we can offer our product as a service, based on a monthly subscription or you can purchase a solution tailored to your situation, fully integrated with the existing IT system.

iTrack is a professional solution for the companies who want to control and streamline the fleets.

With iTrack making decisions couldn’t be more simpler! Request a presentation and we will call you!

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