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iTrack - advanced fleet management solution

iTrack is configurable in various versions, so it can be adapted to any field of activity, qualifying as an effective tool with which specific problems can be solved.

iTrack Apps - iOS & Android

The availability of useful information and reports in real time directly on the phone is an asset to any responsible fleet manager or user interested in the state of fleet vehicles.
iTrack is following you wherever you are!

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We are perfectionists in what we do, but flexible in what we offer. We listen to any customer or potential customer`s problems, so we will also listen to you while seeking solutions.


„I was extremely pleased with the effect that the implementation of the iTrack solution had on the company's activity, especially in terms of productivity, efficiency of the routes and in particular regarding cost control. Reporting times decreased visibly, allowing us to reallocate in a productive manner all our programs.” Mircea NICULOIU, Interbrands M&D