About Us

We are perfectionists in what we do, but flexible in what we offer. We listen to any customer or potential customer`s problems, so we will also listen to you while seeking solutions. As proof are the steady improvements, the customizations depending on the domain and specific requirements as well as capabilities added in time.

We distinguish by:

  • Complete software solution tailored to customer needs and continuously evolving, based on the latest technology;
  • Flexibility and modularity, distinctive features through which the application has proved its malleability in relation to clients from different domains and sizes;
  • Consultative relationship and ongoing support starting  from the first meeting of presenting the solution and throughout the collaboration ;
  • Integrability with complementary solutions, translated by interfacings encompassing iTrack into integrated solutions for optimizing fleet performance;
  • Risk management in traffic through assistance and prevention, core elements of the fleet safety system developed by iSYS;
  • Complete solution of monitoring fuel consumption, optimum customer configurable option;
  • Partnership programs with renowned suppliers of technologies and solutions specific to the domain in which we operate;
  • Increased availability of services. Customer data is secure both informatically and physically and are available anytime;
  • Specialized applications for mobile phones that ensure the availability of critical information and reports in real time, directly on the phone;
  • National presence through a network of partners;
  • Romanian capital.