Monitoring the drive

GPS monitoring allows the location of vehicles at any time: view in real time the position, speed and direction of any  vehicle of the fleet. See the routes traveled by each vehicle on a street level detailed map, with the possibility of  viewing each location of the stops as a high-resolution satellite image.

Displaying on the map the points of interest (POI), you can customize the motion picture and the presences (parking) of the vehicles. The current status becomes more visible and accessible. Using the proximity feature, you can identify and view the nearest n vehicule to the point of interest or a specific location.

The interactive map allows live tracking of vehicles and defining areas of interest.  Appealing to many selection filters, you can configure the monitoring area according to the needs of the moment, intelligently focusing on surveillance vehicles, persons or groups.

The view of the current vehicle position is backed by a dashboard containing status information and travels at the date and time of the viewing : vehicle information (vehicle summary sheet), its state and status, the driver (driver summary sheet), address, distance, routes , historic position, trails.

With quick access to key reports for monitoring the activity (configurable section adapted to the equipment installed on the vehicle) you can  easily make the transition from viewing to analysis.