The correct implementation and a consistent and responsible use of the application makes it a rich source of benefits. Reduced operational costs, increased productivity, increased safety, improved customer relationships are directly related to the functionality and flexibility of iTrack. The advantages are clearly presented by their grouping on fleet activities and managerial objectives.

In just a few months fleet productivity will substantially increase. Position, driver, route and time of use (travel / parking) for each vehicle are known accurately, historically or at any time viewed on the interactive map. Thus:

  • it is precisely known which were the vehicle`s journeys, where and at what times
  • it eliminates unauthorized use of vehicles and can be analyzed the (authorized) mode in personal use (checking the quality of the traveled roads, distance, time of running, driving style) routes can be taken faster, thus more efficient
  • routes can be taken faster, hence more effective.
  • circumstances when the vehicle was driven by an unauthorized person can be identified, where and when they made feeds or various expenses, where and when unnecessary stops occurred.
  • more efficiently to allocate tasks by identifying the nearest vehicle and minimize the time spent by vehicle / job – vehicles are used more efficiently and with less rest time, increases team productivity by reducing downtime
  • remove long stops and check if the the necessary stops were made ​​
  • analysis of the activity of a person can also be achieved by using data regarding the driven vehicle`s activity. These data can be correlated with other data from the company`s systems (eg. sales, contracts, inquiries, transported goods, etc.).

Alerts, monitoring (fuel consumption, driving style, the presence in the areas of interest), increased capacity for resource management and maintenance of fleet operations, defining points and areas of interest are features that create significant benefits:

  • fuel economy, eliminating fuel theft
  • financial savings due to more rigorous cost control fleet
  • a good change in the user`s behavior
  • avoiding expenses related to fines, avoid fines and penalties related to licenses and permits, reducing vehicle downtime through the sytem of scheduling to service
  • the possibility of prioritizing the use of vehicles with lower consumption and eliminating unauthorized use of vehicles
  • by reducing the use of paper documents, the improvement of operational efficiency takes place, thereby reducing the effort of compiling, updating and retrieval of physical documents;
  • superior planning of the business through the use of objective data and detailed reports filtered and aggregated dynamically
  • the reduced need to communicate directly with drivers translates into lower phone bills and time gained for you and your administrative team
  • efficient deliveries by analyzing the number of visits and duration of stationary to customers;
  • each hour of work is counted correctly and each driver and vehicle`s productivity is the highest

Even if your drivers enjoy the privilege of using the car for personal use, you can check if they abuse this privilege, like for example, using it on improper roads or heavy use.

When you want to know if the vehicles are used for another purpose, you can check immediately or retroactively:

  • If the necessary stops were made
  • What were the journeys made by vehicles, where and at what times
  • If the vehicle was driven by someone other than the authorized person
  • How many times was fed and how much

You can get instant alerts when any vehicles in the fleet are moving outside of work programe or the authorized area.

Protect your drivers and valuables by monitoring vehicle speed and location. By controlling how the goods are shipped, you can ensure their safety and minimize the risk that they can be lost.

Aggressive driving can lead to accidents or damages. Remove aggressive driving risks by special alerts received directly by email or application, that warns when the speed limit is exceeded or when the road holding is life threatening for both the driver and the cargo carried.

Drivers can endanger your reputation, the business and your personal peace. The risk that you undertake leading the business may be diminished if you know what happens to your fleet vehicles. iTrack offers its customers one of the few on the market safety solutions and traffic support for the driver and vehicle, based on the management of the driver’s behavior.

In addition to prevention, the application can quickly recover stolen vehicles and respond to emergencies quickly.

Having a system of monitoring the work, you can check out if everyone is working properly. In the long term, employees will want to work for a company that succeeds in effectively manage resources by increasing profits, employees can benefit from the best motivational packages.

Details are making the difference in the way you are perceived by customers and happy customers means free advertising, loyalty and increased revenue. Pay attention to detail by providing customers:

  • the ability to check real-time delivery of orders
  • faster service and quality
  • accurate time estimations – delays may be announced in due course
  • rapid response to emergencies and requests
  • updated information in time and promptly
  • direct information for special customers through links (gives the customer limited permission to monitor some vehicles) increases customer confidence, the services becoming more transparent
  • accurate scheduling
  • permanent control of the temperature of perishable goods transport
  • proof of services based on GPS data

Services you offer to your customers can become strengths of their business!

By reducing fuel consumption, the analysis of the reports highlights the vehicles which consume less and by choosing the shortest and more efficient routes you will significantly reduce carbon footprint. Your vehicles will proudly wear the Green logo.

iTrack benefits according to customer feedback

  • Reducing fuel consumption: reduce fuel costs by 20%
  • Control of maintenance costs: reduce costs by at least 5% , more functioning time for vehicles, reduce defects
  • Remove roadmaps manually filled by drivers, now they are automatically generated, objective
  • Increased productivity of drivers: increased productivity by 30%
  • Monitoring the status of the fleet: 10% reduction in losses and 10% of thefts
  • Controlled and reduced rates of insurers
  • Better control of the driving style: driving style directly affects vehicle maintenance costs and fuel consumption
  • Better allocation of tasks depending on the nearest available vehicle to the destination
  • Reduction of unauthorized use of vehicle (personal km)
  • Assistance in case of accident, theft