It`s a module in which the movements of vehicles may be optimized. The analysis of the routes traveled by each vehicle allows identifying the optimal routes. These will be defined in the system and can be parameterized, rough, items like: hour of leaving / hour of arrival at a point on the route, kilometers and time for crossing route sections, priority etc. Thus, in the reports generated from the application, we can compare distances and times planned with the ones achieved.

Achieved and non-achieved targets can be visualized, monitoring even the unplanned stops. The corresponding paths can be visualized anytime on the map.

If the fleet activity involves constant routes, according to the days in the week, repetitive routes will be generated, so that the task of monitoring the movements to customers is eased.

Routes can be taken randomly or a target order can be defined, if this is relevant to the tasks assigned to the vehicle.

Given the ease of iTrack integration with other applications, you can choose to import routes targets from customer billing application. This gives an important automatism in ensuring a continuous monitoring flux.