The benefits of implementing the application are maximized when it is preceded by a detailed and competent work to be managed by iTrack. We wholeheartedly provide our customers the expertise gained in the projects that we have successfully completed. We offer consulting to identify the appropriate configuration features specific to the structure and activity of the fleet, deployment assistance, advisory support offered continuously to the management of the organization on issues like reducing costs and optimising business.

During the implementation are established together with the client’s specific business requirements and application`s integration implications are assessed during work processes. The design of the implementation constitutes a foundation essential to the correct functioning of solutions to be implemented.

The modularity and flexibility of iTrack, combined with customized consulting and training, allows customization of the application by configuring the optimal solution for each case.

iSYS provides through its own resources or partners the entire cycle of actions that are undertaken for the implementation of monitoring and fleet management by GPS:

  • Analysis of the customer`s requirements
  • GPS equipment installation by own mobile teams
  • Implementation of the software solution;
  • Developing additional interfaces to the standard, or integration with other existing applications;
  • Solution testing and manufacturing;
  • Implementation for a smooth transition from initial installation to full functionality
  • Training and consultancy

The installation can be done at one of the assembling points of the national network of service partners or calling our mobile installation teams that will travel to the client.

As a result of an efficient programming, agreed with the customer, the installation of equipment will have little impact on the activity of the vehicles. These are taken out of production for a very short time. We provide service and support through mobile teams onsite.

iTrack solution is implemented using a range of products offered in flexible terms, which can be rented or purchased. Characterized by strength and reliability, the equipment used by iTrack resists to any attempt of interference from the staff.

iSYS offers a wide range of GPS / GSM equipment  from world renowned manufacturers and additional sensors to solve specific business problems of mobile resources.

Assimilation of knowledge and skills required to effectively implement  the solution necessitates some courses and certifications attesting  the proper training of users. iSYS provides the customers qualified personnel to train in good conditions and with superior results of all the users of the application.

In order to solve specific operational requirements and because we understand how you can maximize the potential of the fleet, we enable the integration with other existing systems and application and customization of the application and reports. Flexibility and modularity are distinctive features of the iTrack application. Integrability with complementary solutions, translated by interfacings encompassing iTrack into integrated solutions for optimizing fleet performance; We have the willingness to develop additional interfaces to the standard, customizing the application and the reports according to specific needs.

We ensure the system`s functioning to provide the highest degree of availability and reliability. Performance feedback systems allow us to practice, in a significant proportion a predictive maintenance. Through this we manage to avoid defects or obstructions that may require corrective maintenance thereafter. We are proactive and attentive to the smooth running of the application, so that interventions are rare and require a short time to achieve.

We provide phone assistance or via support application. Through Support Application module are provided two support tools: user`s manual and HelpDesk service. By consulting the manual, the users have access to support on using the application. HelpDesk page allows users to communicate problems or suggestions regarding the application.

For each incident a service ticket will be created, the whole process of finding, remediating and closing a service request being thus fully documented. The skills of the ones that operate service requests are coupled with the advisory abilities of the customer management department members. This way, in addition to technical assistance, we resolve simultaneously the training component through which those issues that originate from the lack of staff training can be avoided later.

Although the equipments we offer are of the highest quality, operating problems may occur at any time for reasons that we cannot control: manufacturing flaws or unexpected contexts. We offer warranty on all equipment and accessories that we sell and for assembly also. After the warranty period, we provide, based on a fee, service and technical support through mobile teams onsite.