We can offer you our product as a service, based on a monthly subscription or you can purchase a solution tailored to your situation fully integrated with the existing IT system.
For details or a personalized demo, please contact us .

The iTrack GPS equipment installed on the vehicle periodically sends information about the position and engine status. The data is sent using GPRS communication. Data is sent by default at 30 seconds with the engine running and 15 minutes with the engine off.

GPRS data transfer cost is included in the monthly fee.

iTrack is constantly updated based on the feedback from customers and based on the upcoming tendencies in the field. Each user will have access to the new features when these become available at no additional cost.

Yes. You can rent the equipment for a monthly fee payed for each monitored car. At the moment there are several options to benefit from the iTrack solution. For more details please contact us.

There are several solutions – more or less accurate – to monitor fuel consumption. Please visit our website, at Solutions, for more details.