GPS monitoring allows the location of vehicles at any time: view in real time the position, speed and direction of any  vehicle of the fleet. See the routes traveled by each vehicle on a street level detailed map, with the possibility of  viewing each location of the stops as a high-resolution satellite image.

  • you will know exactly which were the journeys made by the vehicles, where and at what times – you will remove overtime reports incorrectly declared or not to the point; reduce down-time spent in making reports- roadmaps will be completed automatically without the need for users to remember where vehicles were every day.
  • it eliminates unauthorized use of vehicles and can be analyzed the (authorized)personal usage (checking the quality of the roads traveled, distance, time of running, driving style);
  • circumstances when the vehicle was driven by an unauthorized person can be identified, where and when they made ??feeds or various expenses, where and when unnecessary stops occurred.
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