Monitoring, doubled in time by data recording, generates records, statistics and reports that allow full control of the fleet.

The application is developed continuously in accordance to the specific requirements of Romanian transporters and manages all fleet costs (fuel, spare parts, leasing, insurance, tax, staff, rentals) to efficiently manage the fleet.

The application provides the following features:

  • Recording and monitoring fleet costs
  • Recording detailed information about vehicles, trailers and equipment
  • Registration of information about the personnel and related costs
  • Recording tracks in the roadmaps and the feeds made
  • Record repairs and servicing for each vehicle
  • Follow expiry guarantees for parts
  • Revision and technical inspections programming and their rapid records of each vehicle with automatic notification to the appropriation date for scheduled maintenance / inspection
  • Addressing the costs and the period of validity for licenses, insurance, taxes and fees
  • Reporting operating costs per km or per hour of functioning for each vehicle in the fleet
  • Evidence of availability of vehicles depending on their condition
  • Recording the replacing of tires, mileage and and their wear
  • Set up custom alerts for automatically tracking vehicle parameters based on miles traveled trigger type, hours or time.
  • Document and contracts management, of CASCO type of contract, leasing, RCA etc.
  • Record contracts, rates and other expenses
  • Records of accidents and fines
  • Add scanned documents, pictures or other files
  • Import initial data from Excel files
  • Automatic Import of feeds from fuel suppliers
  • Complete history of events for each vehicle
  • Retrieving data from GPS devices installed on vehicles


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