Small Fleets> 20 vehicles

Because you always have access to the route and the activity of the vehicles, with iTrack you can:

  • streamline staff work: full activity during working hours (actual time worked and tasks completed)
  • save fuel: identify routes and make optimal schedules
  • provide better service, meeting customer requirements on time and controlled


Medium Fleets> 100 vehicles
iTrackprovides you continuous support for a better management of the fleet, helping you to:

  • continuously monitor the overall condition of the fleet, reducing losses and thefts
  • optimize workflows through intelligent routing and prompt dispatching
  • lower costs by optimizing operational costs, improve utilization and load, through interactive maintenance


Large Fleets> 200 vehicles

Integrates at a higher level fleet operations, using iTrack for growth and support the performance indicators by:

  • improve business processes
  • intelligent analysis of information on fleet activity
  • improve fleet and staff safety through prevention, assistance and training